Monday, February 26, 2007

Across the killing fields she waits, clutching your promise with soiled fingertips. Time has missed her; still the girl with ribbons holding up the curls that are now caked with mud and bits of grass. Still the girl with paint-chipped fingernails that grazed your hand with hers when you had no intention. Still the girl who drew your name in hearts out of chalk on the sidewalks close to where she had lived.

You pressed the edge of your serrated blade to her life and cut around her limbs. Rolled her up between your fingertips and creased an edge on the unmarked paper with your broken and bleeding lips. What a pretty notion, she was. How you spoke to her of better things. Her heart held songs unsung that you tore at until the sinews snapped and the flesh wailed. You never found the better things that you spoke of. She became a used and dirtied doll; her porcelain skin was cracked and peeling, the gentle curls she once owned were now straw knots tied up with rags, green eyes turned harsh and abidingly bare.

Across the killing fields she waits, still holding fast by the riverside to the promises you made in her youth. She loved you still in leaving, she'll love you still in death.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Everything in This

The rain lasted
Three years.
And I loved you
For as long.
Three years
Of soft regrets
To live by.
Three years of
Closed doors
And hollow motions
Of ghosts.
You were forgetful
And I
The rains swelled
And the walls bled
Our animosity.
Everything in wanting
The hue of midnight
Enveloping your intentions.
We were standing
On rooftops
Watching it come down,
Ringing the past
From our clothes.
Pressing lips to eyelids
We dove through the flood.
It seemed to whisper,
"Everything in this."

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Dictate all your secrets to me, like a mirror on the wall.
I can't stand this space between us.
Awkward endings of stolen conversations.
[I can't reach you.]